“Significant concern” for Finlay Drive six-storey flat

A six-storey flat block proposed for a busy residential area in Dennistoun has been inundated with concerns from locals in its early planning stage.

The development at 100 Finlay Drive – formerly the Dennistoun Gospel Hall and the Dennistoun Picturehouse prior to that – plans to house 31 flats, with eight proposed parking spaces, if the application is accepted by the city council.

It received nearly 60 objections before November 17 when the deadline for comment passed.

Dennistoun Community Council chairperson, Jacq Munro, who objected to the plan on behalf of the council, said:

“Our objections are based solely on the feedback we received from residents via various channels.

Aerial view of the proposed development at 100 Finlay Drive

“From the submitted drawings and elevations, it seems that the architects have simply lifted an existing design from their current portfolio which is not in keeping with the look, design and heritage of neighbouring buildings and the local area.”

SNP councillor Ivan McKee mirrored her comments. He said:

“I have concerns that the height, building materials and overall aesthetic of the development that has been proposed are not in keeping with the surrounding historic tenement structures of the area.

“I also have a significant concern that the six-storey height will have a detrimental impact on the privacy of the houses opposite.”

The planned development as drawn for the planning application

Local nurse Emma Reid was one of the many who objected. She wrote:

“As part of my job I am required to do shifts in accident and emergency so finish at a variety of times, day and night.

“I often have to park streets away from my property and feel that the introduction of another block of flats, which will also require more than the parking spaces provided, would dilute this even further.”

Similar concerns were raised about the planned developments at Golfhill School earlier this year, though the number of official complaints is far larger in this case.

Parking has been one of the core issues discussed by the community during local council meetings this year.

The GCC will formally respond in the coming weeks.

Newton Blue Ltd, the site owner, has not commented at this time.


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